Double Grammy Nominee and legendary hit writer Rivers Rutherford (www.riversrutherford.com) once said of Graham "The best and most promising songwriter I’ve heard in a while”. Graham opened for Rivers on one of the first dates of his UK tour and Rivers subsequently asked Graham to play on the rest of his tour dates.

This led to Graham living and writing in Nashville with some amazing artists and writers. Graham is now back in the UK writing with several UK artists and writers as well as traveling to and from Nashville on writing trips.

Graham has shared the stage with such artists as Andy Fairweather Low (Amen Corner & Eric Clapton), Grammy Nominee and Nashville Hall Of Fame Writer Jerry Foster, Hall Of Famer Jimmy Payne, and The legendary Glenn Douglas Tubb, Double Grammy Nominee and award-winning writer of eight number one songs Rivers Rutherford, as well as artists like Tiffany, Dan Baird, Jason Ringenberg, Brit pop artists PULP, Eddie & The Hot Rods, John Ottaway, etc, etc!

Time moves on and Graham was living back in the UK, but unfortunately in March 2020, Graham contracted Covid-19. He was self-isolating when he suffered a major stroke as Covid can give you what they call “Sticky Blood”. He was rushed to Hospital and fell into a coma which lasted a month! During that month Graham had three further strokes, a heart attack, lung clots, septicemia, and pneumonia, and was revived three times! After eleven weeks in ICU (a hospital record) and almost four months in Hospital he was sent home with a lot of support put in place. It has been a long journey of recovery and still is, learning to walk and talk again. In December 2022 he got back on stage again and did a small gig, inviting the nurses and doctors who saved his life to say thank you to them and all the people around the world who gave him their love and support in some very hard times. Graham had to learn to play guitar again and though he is challenged both with singing and guitar playing he refers to the Toby Keith song that says “I ain’t as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was”! 

Graham hopes to continue playing music and returning to writing songs again soon!